About us

“White blouses are a long-time passion of mine… Once, in a relaxed conversation with my mother, which by the way shares the same passion as me, she told me: Such a shame there isn´t a place where people only sell white blouses.

This sentence got stuck in my mind, I couldn’t forget it.

On that same day, I started dreaming and imagining how it would be like… Ideas started to clearly appear in my head, with everything flowing as if I had a plan ready to be carried out. In time, all pieces came together and when I realized it, that dream was already being fulfilled.

It’s been less than a year since the day that I had that conversation with my mother up until launching the brand Misses White…

It really is a case of If you can dream it, you can do it.


Independence, women’s power, being yourself in all your splendour, without reservation. Being a woman is an indestructible force.

Misses White is a clothing brand for these women. Inspired by them, it is a brand from all, to all. Breaking the barriers created by stereotypes, beauty standards, exalting each one’s personality, what is oneself… we are all Misses White.

Misses White is inspired by talks with female entrepreneurs, where they tell their life stories, showing their strength, their value.

No woman is left out of Misses White’s story.

We all have our own unique personality, but what brings us together is the fact that we were born as women.

It doesn’t matter the size, idea, colour, origin… The Misses White woman is everywhere, speaks all languages, we are all of them.

Because our shirts are all white. But your personality isn\’t.

About us